What do we repair

Bladders / Leading Edge

Bladders are the most sensitive part of the kite. You can destroy them by strong wind, by violent collision with the water, on sand or simply if you inflate the bladder they can explode. We repair all types of damages that can occur, from small holes until missing material. If we cannot carry out the repair of the bladders, we have suitable replace bladders for each Kite size.

Cloth / Spinnaker

The cloth, also known as spinnaker, is a very strong material regarding windforces, but extremely delicate and fragile against hard impact on the ground and water, trees, sharp rocks and inclusive of your own kiteboard. We are specialized to repair all kinds of damages that may with your kite. We do our best to carry out the repair, that it won’t be possible to localize.

Valves / Lines / Fixations

Depending on the maintenance of the kite, the valves cannot close properly, they lose air, or they can detach it from the bladder. We repair and replace defective valves. In case, the fixations of the kite peeled, or the lines of kitebar worn off, we will repair or replace it.

Harness / Backpack / Cloth             

With time and depending on the use, on backpacks can occur damages, such as zippers or fixations that we can repair again without great effort. In most harnesses occurs that the seam can open, regarding the wind force during the kite sessions. We repair and reinforce the seams to extend the life of the harness.