Cloth / Spinnaker

Fissure at the Cloth/Spinnaker, easy access = 1,00Eur/cm up to 50cm
Fissure at the Cloth /Spinnaker, easy access = 0,80Eur/cm from 50cm
Change a segment of the Cloth / Spinnaker = on request

Nylon / Dacron:

Fissure at the leading edge/struts, easy access * = 2,00Eur/cm
Fissure at the leading edge/struts, bad access * = 2,50Eur/cm

* Sew the fissure with Nylon/Dacron and put adhesive Spinnaker tape in a suitable color. The costs of replacing the bladders are not included.

Lines / Fixations:

Strengthen the tie point = 25,00Eur
Add a new tie point = 45,00Eur
Adjust the length of lines = on request
Replace Depower Line = 15,00Eur

Bladders / Valves*

Replace the bladder of the leading edge (no one-pump system) = 15,00Eur
Replace the bladder of the leading edge (one-pump system) = 30,00Eur
Replace valve = 8,00Eur
Repair valve= 5,00Eur
Replace the strut bladder = 8,00Eur
Repair bladder, according to the damage
Replace a bladder = check out prices in the store

Work hour (in repairs witch include sewing) = 20,00Eur/hour
Cleaning kite and waterproof it with SealnGlide (nano effect) 50,00Eur
Cleaning kite = 20,00Eur

* Price of material (cloth, bladders, patches, lines, ....) additional.