Repair guide to fix your kite

1. Request for Quotation

Try to detail at maximum the suffered damages of your stuff and send us photos of the damages to       Upon receipt your mail, we will answer with an estimate cost.

2. Preparation and shipment

To avoid additional costs and save time on the repair, we recommend to clean your kite properly (dry and without sand) because if not it can cause damage to our machinery.

Save the kite in the backpack and if you have a choice, put the bag in a suitable box, but our messengers will also pick it up without a box.

Contact us ad give us your telefonnumber, day and place of collection and we will send out a transport company.

3. Confirmation estimate of cost

We will advise you by mail, as far as we receive your material.
Once we estimate the costs, we will contact you for closing the budget.

4. Payment and return shipment

You can pay by Paypal or bank transfer.
Please indicate your name and surname:

Entity: Caixa Catalunya
Beneficiary: Darren Tom Kunze
NO. Account: 2013 0817 19 0200322165
IBAN: EN37 2013 0817 1902 0032 2165

Once verified the payment and the finish of the repair, we will refund your material immediately to the address you sent us, that you can enjoy your stuff soon as possible.