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Repair Kite There are 34 products.

Products to get repaired your Kite


  • Bladders|Valves

    Bladders for the leading edge and the struts of your kite.

    Bladder valves for all kite manufacturer.

    7mm inflation valve, 9mm inflation valve, 11mm deflation valve, Airush connector (1st Gen), Airush connector (2nd Gen), Airush oversized SPS, Best EZ OEM valve (2nd Gen), Best EZ OEM alve (3rd Gen), Best EZ OEM valve (4th Gen), Blade OEM valve, Cabrinha Airlock screw valve (2nd en), Cabrinha SPRINT valve, Epic OEM valve, Liquid Force OEM valve, North Air Port valve, North omb Proof valve, North Lazy Pump valve (1st Gen), North Lazy Pump valve (2nd Gen), Ocean odeo OEM valve, OPTION valve screw

  • Spi|Kevlar Tape

    Spinnaker tape to fix damages of your Kite. Available in 12 different colours.

    Kevlar tape to strengthen the sensible parts of your Kite.

  • Spinnaker Cloth

    Spinnaker kite cloth. More than 20 different colours available.

    Ask for your individual size.

  • Adhesives

    Patches and transparent glue to fix small damages of your kite equipment.

  • Dacron

    Dacron, adhesive Dacron and Dacron tape in different colors and sizes.

    Ask for your individual size.

  • Kiteaid

    First Aid Kit for your Kite. Complete Journey Kit to fix damages at your kite, valves and bladders.

  • Kitefix

    All products of Kitefix

    Complete Kitesurf Repair Kit, Mini Kitesurf Repair Kit, School Kite Repair Toolbox, FiberFix, GluFix Adhesive, KiteFix Self-Adhesive Dacron, KiteFix Ultra-Adhesive Bladder Patches, Ripstop Repair Kit, Sailfix Repair Kit

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Showing 1 - 20 of 34 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 34 items